Penguins are wandering free through city zoo’s and turkeys are doing liquor store errands in abandoned metro areas. It seems as though animals are taking back the outside world, which we suppose is only fair. We have been sitting on our cat’s favourite couch cushion this entire self-isolation period. Now, it’s the dog’s turn, and thanks to the Atlanta Humane Society, we’ve got video of their big day out.

Carmel and Odie, two of the sweetest Jack Russel Terriers we’ve ever seen, were set loose in the Ocean Voyager gallery of the Georgia Aquarium, one of the largest aquatic exhibits on earth.

Under blue lights and supervision, the two-month-old foster puppies came snout-to glass-to face with sharks, manta rays and an assortment of tropical fish. Unlike their human counterparts though, these exotic sea creatures hardly phased them…and they eventually fell asleep in front of the enclosure. Awe.

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Since their once in a lifetime romp, Caramel and Odie from the Atlanta Humane Society have actually found forever homes, but there’s a lot of puppies like them who have yet to find their “person.”

Quarantine is a lot of things. Unpredictable, lonely and maybe a bit frustrating, but it’s also an opportunity! Now is the perfect time to responsibly adopt or foster an animal. Check-in with your local shelter to see what you can do to help your local fur babies. After all, it’s their world now, we just live in it.