Halloween is just around the corner and trick or treaters will be at your door before you know it. Why not think ahead and hand out what Washingtonians are looking for most? We’ll give you a hint, folks in this state want a candy that’s pretty… nerdy.

Zippia used Google Trends to determine just which candy each state wanted and Washington’s is somehow perfectly spot on for our population. As you might have guessed our state wants Nerds this Halloween and considering just how many tech companies we have here, it kind of makes sense. But what’s unique about Washington’s love of Nerds is that Arizona was the only other state with the sour candy as its top choice.

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Washingtons favorite halloween candy
Photo via Zippia

Most other states opted for chocolatey candy and honestly we don’t blame them. You really can’t go wrong with a little chocolate bar after a long evening of knocking on peoples doors. But this year we’ll enjoy opening a box of good old Nerds and delighting in their sour-sweet goodness.

Perhaps next year we’ll follow in the footsteps of our neighbours down south and opt for something more like a 100 grand bar. Either way, we hope that you all enjoy your Halloween candy this year and be sure to let us know what your favorite candy is. Happy Halloween and safe trick or treating!