Something a little Psycho has popped up on Queen Anne… The backdrop for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 thriller has come to life in a miniature format. That’s right folks, Richard Knowles is helping Seattle get in the Halloween mood with his own version of the Bates Motel.

If Knowles name sounds familiar, it’s because last year he crafted his own Rosebud Motel from the hit TV series Schitt’s Creek. It truly went viral with the show’s official Instagram reposting it and it also brought a lot of joy to Seattleites during the height of the pandemic. But this year, Knowles wanted Seattle to get a little spookier.

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Like last year’s creation, Knowles did not spare any details. Because Psycho is in black and white, he painted his version of Bates Motel in shades of grey. And according to an interview with King 5 News, the entire facade was “built by hand and cut to scale, from the doors to the mini windows.” Additionally “The ice machine, newspaper box, and housecleaning cart with clipboard and supplies were all custom creations that Knowles did in his spare time.” And that means you should probably check out this labor of love.


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After all, Knowles wants people to see it and it will stay on view until after Halloween. But if you’d rather wait for something a little more cheery wait until the holidays because “a new and updated version of the Rosebud Motel from Schitt’s Creek” is coming back. If you’d like to check it out all you have to do is head to the corner of 10th Avenue West and West Bothwell on the northwest side of Queen Anne.