If you’ve lived in Washington for a while chances are that you’re used to calling it “The Evergreen State.” After all its the official slogan right? News flash, it’s actually not. Yes we know that’s very shocking information but the good news is that it could become the official slogan soon.

The term “Evergreen State” is seemingly as old as time so it only feels appropriate that it become an official Washington slogan. The good news is that the process for that to happen is well underway, SB 5512 passed the State Senate last week with a unanimous vote and if it passes the House, “The Evergreen State” will be our state’s official nickname.

What does this really mean? Simply that we get an official slogan, it doesn’t require any change for official state documents or publications.

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As for when this will officially undergo review, it’s not confirmed. That being said, the Washington State Legislature does have a bill tracker akin to the Domino’s pizza tracker and it says the bill is on the governors desk as of today. So let’s hope we can end February with an official slogan.

Until that’s the case, here are a few things that actually are official.

State Flower: Coast Rhododendron
State Tree: Western Hemlock
State Bird: Willow Goldfinch
State Fish: Steelhead Trout
State Gem: Petrified Wood

But that’s just to name a few… Have a great week, Seattle!