Walmart Canada is going through some mighty big changes these days. They’ve just announced the closure of not one, not two, but six locations across the country. On top of that, the company is spending $500 million on upgrades to half of its remaining spots.

Of the six locations we’ll be saying goodbye to, three are in Ontario, two in Alberta, and one is in Newfoundland. More specifically, they are the Malton, Mississauga location, the County Fair location in Hamilton, Kitchener East, Calgary’s Deer Valley location, Edmonton’s Abbotsfield spot, and one in St. John’s. Walmart Canada says that workers in the closing stores will likely be offered positions at nearby locations. Which, ya know, is nice.

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As for that $500 mil investment? That’ll be going toward upgrades to lighting, paint, general repairs, and new signs in around 60% of Walmart Canada locations. There will also be improvements to staff lounge areas and improvements to pickup areas for online orders. With virtual shopping getting more popular by the day, we think that’s a great investment.

So say goodbye to those six locations and hello to new and improved locations elsewhere. The future of department stores is on its way.