Searching for a new home with your partner can be exciting! It can also be… a few other things. 

What type of home do you want? Which neighbourhoods do you like? How do you politely tell them that you are NOT getting a sports memorabilia room?

Luckily for all of us, Wahi has a brand new app for couples that makes house hunting a breeze.

Browse MLS listings on an intuitive and user-friendly interface and collaborate seamlessly with your house-hunting partner – no extra texts/calls/or missed listings here!

House hunting just became fun again.

Photo via Wahi

Here are 4 Wahi App features that make it easy to find your new home:

It’s Designed for Couples

Some things are just better together. Searching for a new home with your house-hunting partner is much easier when you’re both working from the same app. 

Once you’ve created your account, add your partner as a co-buyer in the app. Now, you can both favourite homes, get recommended listings based on your likes, and see which ones you match up on – all in the palm of your hand!

It’s kind of like a dating app, except you’re swiping and matching on your dream home – and everyone is looking for the same commitment. 

You Get Next-Level Insights

Get access to all the home listings on MLS along with additional insights you would normally have to bug a realtor about. The Wahi App gives you all the photos, descriptions, and details about a listing along with the sale, price, and tax history of the home. 

For homes that both you and your partner favourite, you can easily jump on the in-app chat feature to ask a Wahi realtor additional questions. No fancy outreach required! Just message, connect with a licensed  realtor and start the process of finding your new home.

Everything Is In-App

You’re busy enough, who needs extra steps? The traditional home-buying journey can be complicated. Wahi makes it simple with their app that covers all the bases. 

Just download it for Android or iPhone and start searching with your co-buyer. Browse MLS listings, find your favourites, get all the relevant details, connect with a realtor, message in a group chat, and schedule house tours together. All. In. One. App. 

Did we mention it’s also super user-friendly? Say goodbye to clunky, realtor back-end systems, and welcome the future of house hunting!

You Can Get Cash Back

Wahi also has a cash-back feature available exclusively in the Greater Toronto Area and some surrounding areas. 

When you buy with a Wahi Realty Inc., Brokerage realtor to find your dream home, you can get up to 1% of the sale price back in cash after closing! Make your life easier AND save money while you do it. Sounds like a win-win.

Your dream home could be only a few swipes away!