If you love canoeing then you’re going to want to start planning your trip to Wabakimi Provincial Park! Wabakimi is the second largest Ontario park, found in the beautiful Boreal forest on the Canadian Shield.

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Wabakimi Provincial Park
Image via Ontario Parks

If you don’t live in Northern Ontario getting to Wabakimi will be a bit of a drive, taking around 16 hours by car from Toronto.

The trip is worth it if you’re an avid canoer, however. According to Ontario Parks, the area “offers canoeing opportunities in a world-class setting.”

Ontario Parks also warns that if you’re going to embark on a canoe trip at Wabakimi, you should be a somewhat experienced canoer.

The canoe trips range from “calm and relaxing” to adventurous and if you’re having trouble selecting which is best for you, Ontario Parks states that park staff is happy to help you plan your trip.

Don’t forget to pack your fishing poles, too!

Wabakimi has some of the “best fishing in Northwest Ontario”. Species you can find in the waters within the park include walleye, Northern Pike, perch, whitefish and Lake Trout.

There are over 10,000 lakes within the park, so whether you’re canoeing or fishing there’s enough space to explore all day long.

Many of the lakes in the park have beaches as well so if you’re looking for a spot to relax during your canoe trip you shouldn’t struggle to find a sandy shore to lounge by.

There are approximately 500 backcountry campsites available throughout the park. “Each campsite varies in size and ground cover, from large bedrock tent areas to small earth-covered clearings.”

Enjoy your stay at Wabakimi Provincial Park and happy exploring, Ontario!

Wabakimi Provincial Park

Where: 35 James Street S, Thunder Bay, ON