A hike with panoramic views is not easy to come by in our concrete jungle, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at this lesser-known spot. The Vista Trail at Rouge National Urban Park is a breathtaking escape right here in Toronto.

This 1.5 km trail will take you to a two-level viewing platform that overlooks the spectacular valleys below.

On a clear day, these views cannot be beaten, but they are even more special in the fall as the leaves change colour.

In fact, Parks Canada says it is one of the best places in all of Toronto to observe autumn colours.

“The lookout provides spectacular views of the Little Rouge Creek and Rouge River valleys throughout the year,” says Parks Canada.

To the north, you will get a perfect view of Beare Hill, which is one of the highest points of land in the City of Toronto.

Once you’ve soaked up all the vistas from the observation tower, you can set off on the gorgeous Vista Trail and the surrounding trail networks.

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The tree diversity and microclimates are a main feature along the trail’s forest ridge, says Parks Canada.

“Here, maple and oak trees dot the warm southern slopes, while shady hemlock groves cover the cool northern aspects.”

Rouge National Urban Park is the largest urban park in all of North America. It’s filled with incredible wildlife, including black bears — yes, black bears right here in our city!

The park is made up of forests, creeks, marshland, beachfront, and farmland, with a fascinating history that dates back 10,000 years.

And thanks to the TD Rouge Express, you can get free roundtrip transportation to the park from the downtown core until October 14th.

This spot is truly a sight to behold, and it’s definitely worth seeing for yourself.

Vista Trail at Rouge National Urban Park

Where: North trailhead at Zoo Road, south trailhead at 55 Twyn Rivers Drive