You open the curtains on a Saturday morning with energy zinging through your fingertips. You’re perfectly rested, and the day is young. There are no set plans and the entire weekend stretches before you with limitless possibility… and then you notice it’s raining. Like… absolutely pouring.

So what?

If wet socks are your concern, then have no fear! Vessi makes stylish, comfortable, easy-to-slip-on-and-wear-all-day waterproof shoes that are a total game-changer.

Yeah, those toes are staying nice and dry.

waterproof shoes
Photo via Vessi

Vessi made waves when it launched in Vancouver by responding to a problem we can all relate to. No one likes wet socks, but what’s even worse is missing out on a day off because of the weather. 

So what if the weather wasn’t a problem? 

Rain or shine. Muddy hike or urban monsoon. None of that matters anymore. You’re not just staying dry – you’re revelling in it.

What could be more refreshing than walking along a misty forest trail while droplets pelt the canopy of leaves above?

How about getting a running start so you can leap into that sidewalk puddle to see how big it splashes? 

Remember that joy of being a kid and sprinting through a thunderstorm with rain on your face, shouting for joy at the turbulent sky? 

That’s the kind of freedom you get with Vessi – and they don’t look anything like your grandma’s galoshes either. 

waterproof shoes
Photo via Vessi

Vessi designs a whole line of waterproof shoes, from casual slip-ons and street-savvy sneakers to cozy high-tops that will give East Coast winters a run for their money (we would know). They won’t look any different from your normal shoes – but you’ll sure feel the difference the next time you step into a puddle. 

So how about those weekend plans? You don’t have to let a little water stop you anymore. In fact, you might even start to look forward to rainy days. You’ll welcome the water.

Check out Vessi’s waterproof shoes in-store or online. Trust us when we say that you’ll never go back. 


Where: Online or in stores throughout Canada and the USA