The Farmers’ Almanac just released the summer forecast for Vancouver and British Columbia and it’s going to get hot. Real hot. If you thought last year’s heatwave was intense…

According to the Farmers’ Almanac extended summer forecast, this year will be seasonably warm and “unusually dry.” Considering B.C.’s track record with fire season, it may be time to up your water conservation efforts!

All these April showers aren’t looking so bad now, huh?

As always, June will start off mild in Central and Western Canada, and the real scorcher will begin in the “middle and latter part of July.” The Almanac says we may see regular temps of 30 to 35 C across the province.

Yeah, might be time to invest in a solid fan or AC unit while they’re still in stock.

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As for August, prepare for “blistering hot temperatures” and get ready to spend a lot of time in the water to stay cool. You’ll definitely want some quality flip-flops or sandals to get you from point A to point B without burning your feet in the sand!

If you’re planning a barbeque or camping trip, be sure it’s with a propane grill. As much as we love the smoky taste of charcoal bbq, wildfires are no joke.

The good news is that a wave of unseasonably cool air is set to arrive by September, so we may just get a bit of relief! Fingers crossed.

Overall, we’re in for a pretty typical west coast summer. If recent years have shown us anything, it’s that hydration is key and shade is a blessing.

Stay cool, Vancouver. Soak up the rain while you can!