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7 weird events happening in Vancouver this week

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We’re happy to report that Vancouver is getting back to its weird self again. Frankly, we were struggling a little bit to find wacky, weird events in Vancouver over the holidays. But now, hoo boy, we have to cut down our list! That’s the Vancouver that we like to see- one where the only limit is our imagination.

Here are the best weird events happening in Vancouver this week.

Catflix and Chill

Much like the Movies in the Morgue events, these are worth knowing about! While this week is sold out, keep an eye on the future. Every week, the Catoro Cafe hosts cat enthusiasts for a movie surrounded by their adorable kitties! Nothing like a little bit of furry therapy, right?

When: Wednesday, January 15
Where: Catoro Cafe, 666 E Broadway
Cost: $25

Listening Party

Tired of the Spotify algorithm? Learn about different music the old fashioned way. This evening is hosted by a professor from SFU’s Contemporary Arts program and the new director at UBC’s School of Music. That means the aux cord is going to be on fire all night long.

When: Thursday, January 16
Where: Western Front, 303 8 Avenue E
Cost: Free!

The Space Lady

Ok, we just listened to the ‘Riders in the Sky’ cover, and we’re signing off on it. The Space Lady started making music in her 70s, and honestly, this is the kind of creativity and passion we would expect from a jazz musician half her age. Seriously, go to this show.

When: Thursday, January 16
Where: 2321 Main Street
Cost: $15

Midsommar (Director’s Cut)

We’re going to recommend this movie until you all see it. A nightmarish, surreal interpretation of those weird Scandinavian solstice festivals you always see online. Warning- this movie is not for the faint of heart.

When: Thursday, January 16
Where: Rio Theatre, 1660 E Broadway
Cost: $13

Artist Talk: Mike Bourscheid

You might not recognize the name, but this is the guy who was commissioned by the Art Gallery to do the most recent off-site installation. This free talk will be followed by a final performance of his piece ‘Ledgers’ at the Vancouver Art Gallery Offsite space. Perfect for feeling out of place in your own city, unless you’re an art student.

When: Friday, January 17
Where: Shangri-La Hotel, 1128 W Georgia Street
Cost: Free to attend!

Quiet City #69- 10 Year Anniversary

Great week for weird music. Quiet City is Vancouver’s only ‘deep-listening’ experience, showcasing live experimental, electronic and improvised music. Soundscapes with intermittent drum and bass riffs? Sounds fun to us!

When: Friday, January 17
Where: Red Gate Arts Society, 1965 Main Street
Cost: $15

ECCW Ballroom Brawl XIII

Backyard wrestling, woo! No, just kidding, Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling is the kind of no-holds-barred professional wrestling event that only looks lo-fi. Personally, we think that makes it way cooler than the WWE, but we’re not experts.

When: Saturday, January 18
Where: Commodore Ballroom, 868 Granville Street
Cost: $47.75

Oh yeah, now we’re back to that same quality we were used to. Of all the weird events in Vancouver this week, our top pick is for sure The Space Lady. See you at the concert!

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