It looks like Vancouver has earned yet another title, alongside one of the best cities in the world to study in. According to a recent report by Kayak, the city is also one of the top cities in the world for sustainable travel, and #1 in North America!

Kayak’s 2023 City Index for Mindful Travellers ranks 167 cities around the globe, grouping 28 different factors that sustainably-minded travellers are likely to consider into four categories: “Travelling to,” “getting around,” “stay,” and “experiences.”

Here are just some of the factors grouped into the above categories:

  • Travelling to: Destination popularity, seasonal flight price difference, trains & ferries
  • Getting around: Popularity of cars and bikes, eco-friendly car rentals, bike routes, wheelchair accessibility
  • Stay: Longer stays, hotel availability, hotel price difference, air quality, drinkable tap water
  • Experiences: Walking tours, local markets, second-hand shops, museums and art, theatre

Based on the above, Vancouver was ranked #38 in the world (with a score of 53 out of 100) and #1 in North America. And with so many bike and pedestrian-friendly spots, we can see why!

On a global scale? The Netherlands takes the cake with the first two spots and final scores that are close to perfect, followed by cities in Austria, Norway, and Germany.

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Here are the top 10 cities for “mindful travellers” across the globe:

  1. Rotterdam, Netherlands
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Graz, Austria
  4. Trondheim, Norway
  5. Munich, Germany
  6. Helinski, Finland
  7. Stockholm, Sweden
  8. Zurich, Switzerland
  9. Gothenburg, Sweden
  10. Vienna, Austria

So if you’re looking into slower, sustainable travel and want to visit somewhere that fits the bill, Europe is clearly the place to be. Though we’re happy to report that Vancouver isn’t doing too shabby either!