With top-ranking schools like University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and University of Victoria, it’s pretty clear that BC is full of great options when it comes to post-secondary education. And as it turns out, Vancouver specifically is a standout on the list of the best cities in the world to study in, according to Helpful Professor.

The US-based resource did a deep dive into the best cities to study in around the world, looking at over 1,300 universities across 339 cities in 85 countries to come up with its ranking.

Scores were determined across 7 factors for each city, including the Number of Universities, Average University Score, Average International Students, Cost of Living, Freedom, Safety, and Friendliness.

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Overall, Vancouver ranked third on the list of top 10 cities to study in, also coming in third in terms of having the highest-scoring universities. As well, Vancouver was recognized for having the most international students (#2 on the list), and being the sixth “friendliest city” for students.

“With the mix of cultures in the city and easy access to nature, it’s a wonderful place to meet people from different backgrounds while learning and growing together,” reads the ranking.

This brought Vancouver’s total score to 61 out of 100, tying for second place with Tokyo, Japan. As for the #1? That title goes to Montreal.

On a list as extensive and diverse as this, a #2 spot isn’t too shabby at all! And if we continue on our current path, our universities might just snag the top spot one of these days.