Before the snow has completely melted away, Vancouver is already due for its next snowfall. The good news? Only up to 5 cm of snow is expected this time, as opposed to 20 cm earlier this week.

And we don’t know about you – but we’ll take another snowfall over muddy, half-melted slush any day. So long as the roads are made safe for driving and commuting – which reminds us, you can be fined for driving without proper snow tires!

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Now, let’s get into the forecast. According to The Weather Network, you can expect the temperature to sit at 1 C and feel like -3 C. There will likely be scattered flurries throughout the day, amounting to around 5 cm of snow overall on Friday.

snow forecast vancouver
Screenshot via The Weather Network

And as for this weekend, it looks like it’s going to be a stunner. Two consecutive days of sun mean it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy a winter stroll – or lace up your boots & play in the snow before it melts away.

So there you have it, Vancouver. Snow is officially in the forecast for Friday, December 2nd, followed by a weekend of great weather to enjoy it.

Don’t forget the snow tires, and stay safe!