We know it won’t technically be winter until the end of the month, but we can’t help but look to the season ahead, whether there’s snow, rain, or shine. Since the colder months see significantly less daylight than the rest of the year, we thought we’d go ahead and share some of the nicest places around Vancouver to go on a winter stroll.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park


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This massive park separating UBC from Vancouver might not be the most scenic, but it’s likely the most secluded. Wander through this heavily forested area, while keeping your eyes peeled for some local birds (it’s a popular bird-watching destination). Plus, some 75km of trails means you can return week after week and not get bored.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is one of, if not the most, famous parks in all of Canada. And, it’s for good reason. This urban oasis offers all sorts of views and has a great variety of pathways to explore. Stick to the outer path for the classic tourist experience. Or, duck into the trees to save some time and see a different part of it.

Queen Elizabeth Park


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While Queen Elizabeth is perhaps better known for all the amenities and activities it offers, you can’t deny that it is still a great place to wander around for a couple of hours. Plus, the view from the highest point is second to none in the city, offering the city skyline against a backdrop of the North Shore mountains. And after a fresh snowfall? Easily one of the best winter walks in Vancouver.

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Jericho Beach Park

We think Jericho is the biggest sleeper-hit beach in the entire city. Not only do you get a serious amount of uninterrupted waterfront paths, but you can also wander around the park itself and relax beside a tree. There’s a reason why Jericho is usually our first pick if we want to spend 30 minutes somewhere just relaxing.

Granville Island/False Creek


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Maybe you’re feeling a little more urban right now. Not a problem, and we’re recommending you head down to Granville Island and the surrounding False Creek area. The paths are super easy to navigate and border the water, mixing convenience and views. Plus, nobody can deny that a quick lunch at the market afterwards is a good idea.

White Rock Pier

Continuing on the urban/waterfront options, we’re heading to White Rock. Home of the longest pier in Canada, White Rock combines a little more of a low-key atmosphere with some beautiful views, especially if you check out the White Rock promenade and all the local businesses.

Steveston Village


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As one of the most specific towns in all of Canada, Steveston Village is a must for residents and travellers alike. Thanks to the vast majority of the town being designated as a heritage site, Steveston has kept its early 20th-century aesthetic for decades now. Plus, the waterfront location makes for some great views.

Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area

Why leave this beautiful part of Metro Vancouver to SFU students? The Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area is a great place to enjoy some more challenging walks, as you make your way up towards the University. Of course, you can just park up there and take in the views with some more approachable options, as well.

Lighthouse Park


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For those looking for a different side of the North Shore, this is our choice. Lighthouse Park might be a quintessential pick, but it’s absolutely worth going and seeing for yourself. Bonus points if you manage to time your visit with golden hour since you’ll get a unique view of downtown Vancouver. But, any time is a good time to see it!

Capilano River Regional Park

This park features a bunch of trails alongside the stunning Capilano River and offers some nice elevation changes if you’re wanting something a tiny bit more challenging. Plus, you’ll be able to check out the Cleveland Dam, which every resident should see at least once. Heads up though- recent slides have affected some of the trails.

Mt. Seymour Provincial Park


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Speaking of elevation changes, Mt. Seymour is probably the most ‘involved’ pick for a winter walk on this list. The location means that you might even run into some (very) snowy conditions, so be prepared before you head over. Once there, you’ll be treated to an amazing network of trails, including the much-loved Dog Mountain.

Those are our top picks for the best winter walks around Vancouver this year, fellow outdoor lovers! Stay prepared, know your limits, and go enjoy yourself!