Whether the secret’s in the sauce, the dough, or up to everyone’s personal preference, the task of finding the best slice of pizza in Vancouver is certainly no easy feat – much less ranking them from best to worst. Yet that is exactly what a local couple has tasked themselves with, and what’s more, they’re aiming to be as objective as possible.

The tour

Liam Graham and Sydney MacEwan created the “Vancouver Pizza Slice Tour” earlier this year in an effort to get out on their bikes and explore new parts of the city. In an email with Curiocity, Graham reveals the saucy mission behind the project.

“The goal is to try every local spot that serves single-slice pizza and rank them,” explains Graham. “Basically, a guide for if you’re hungry and want one piece of pizza as a snack.”

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Already, the tour has garnered a ton of eyes on Graham’s social media, with a “supportive and encouraging” response from those seeking objective, unsponsored reviews.

“We’re just normal people giving you our honest reviews. Even when a couple of spots reached out and said they’d “take care of us,” we wouldn’t take them up on it—we wanted to be objective.”

Now that the series has taken off, the duo has made it their mission to “complete the ‘tour,'” encouraging fellow pizza lovers to do the same.

The ranking

As for the ranking itself, Graham shares that although some spots received far better reviews than others, they’re all well worth the visit.

“Even if people disagree with our rankings or see that we’ve rated something poorly, we still want people to go out and try the pizza for themselves. We’re happy to be proven wrong, and appreciate a good flavour debate!”

The pair have given each pizza spot they’ve tried thus far a rating out of 10, with 10 being the highest score and 1 being the lowest. As he and Sydney have differing pizza tastes, they’ve opted to order the ‘most popular’ or ‘most recommended’ slice on each menu, to remain impartial.

“You get a little inside knowledge into what the restaurant is good at and can taste their best slice,” explains Graham. “Having completely different pizza preferences kept us accountable for not giving a slice too high of a rating just because one of us liked or didn’t like it.

As it stands, Did’s Pizza on Dunsmuir sits at the top of the list with the only perfect score so far, awarded for its stellar slice of Pesto topped with melted mozzarella and Granada padano.

“Mr. Did himself was also very kind in explaining the flavours and is proud of having had the first pizza-by-the-slice restaurant in the city.”

Following up at #2, #3, and #4 are Straight Outta Brooklyn, Ignite, and La Pache – all of which are just half a point away from a perfect 10.

The two factors determining a lower ranking are dryness and lack of flavour, according to Graham.

So there you have it, pizza aficionados! Whether you’re looking for a solid slice or want to explore a new neighbourhood before summer’s end, the Vancouver Pizza Slice Tour shows no signs of slowing down.