Unless a miracle happens, we’re pretty sure that the rain, rain will most definitely not be going away this weekend. On Wednesday, Environment Canada released a ‘special weather alert’ across Metro Vancouver, thanks to some serious rain in the forecast.

Between Thursday night and Friday night this week, an expected 30mm-50mm of rain will fall across the region. For reference, that’s pretty much on par with some of the rainiest days ever in Vancouver, so Environment Canada is not fooling around here.

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These levels of rainfall may cause flash flooding, so be wary if you’re driving around during that time. As for those commuting by foot or bike? Make sure you’ve got some serious raingear kicking around because we doubt an umbrella is going to be much help.

As for us? Well, it looks like the end of the workweek just got a lot more relaxed. Maybe we’ll go stock up on groceries later today, and give our city’s delivery drivers a little bit of a break.