Most of us have been stuck inside a heck of a lot more than usual over that past year and a half. Well if you got an appetite for adventure, Tiktokker and Instagrammer Ben Kielesenski has got you covered.

This Vancouverite has been posting some absolutely gorgeous videos of his adventures. And, many of the locations are only about an hour’s drive away from the city. Oh, and every video is breathtaking.

He’s hiked Ben Lomond mountain, kayaked in Deep Cove, and much, much more. All of his adventure videos begin with a simple question: “Want to go on an adventure with me?” And the answer? Well, it’s always “Too bad, you’re coming.”

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Magic Ice caves with my bestie @mrbentley_thedog #vancouver #frozen #icetea

♬ Maple Leaf – Official Sound Studio

With relaxing music, amazing sights, and Ben’s glorious moustache, each video is perfect. His TikTok is easy to watch for hours. And, binging a few of his videos in one go makes you feel like you’ve experienced some of the best nature spots in the Vancouver area. It really makes us want to go and explore!

It’s also really cool to try and spot the location if you’re familiar with the city. Or, it can also show you some new and amazing spots that you might want to check out as soon as you can.

His videos are also good if you want to just stroll around Stanley Park with a friendly guy. Every Reel and TikTok is just full of great, wholesome vibes. At the time of writing, Ben has a whopping 1.4 million followers on TikTok, showing that the Vancouver area is obviously worth showing off to the whole digital world.

If you want to check out his TikTok, follow him here. Or if you’re more of an Insta person, check out his Instagram right here.

If you need us, we’ll be soaking up some adventure.