Things are strange right now, but we will roam again – eventually. The summer of 2021 is on its way and with that comes plenty of post-pandemic traveling options. After all, we could all use something to look forward to, right? In fact, here’s an idea, why not make a glass-domed train trip through the Rockies courtesy of Rocky Mountaineer?

You see, Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer Tours are meant to help passengers enjoy the journey as much as they enjoy their destination! Honestly, when did the transportation stop being a part of the experience?

With a wide variety of routes and two different types of trains you can ride (SilverLeaf with a single-level glass-dome coach, Goldleaf with a bi-level glass-domed coach), Rocky Mountaineer is one of the most impressive ways to go from A to B in the entire country.

Obviously, the current pandemic has thrown a wrench in the past year of travels, but the Rocky Mountaineer tours are aiming to begin again on July 5th, 2021.

To be honest, these train journeys through the Rocky Mountains don’t come cheap. That being said, the accolades that Rocky Mountaineer has gathered over the years have definitely shown that the price is worth it.

Popular packages run from 2-8 days long and start at around $1,900 CAD per couple. Feeling boujee? Step up for a cruise/train journey combo for $10K. Honestly, there are packages set up for whatever you’re feeling, so start saving! With regards to routes, here are the four most popular ones that Rocky Mountaineer offers:

*Note: These journeys can start going in either direction so you can begin in either BC or Alberta.

Rockies to the Red Rocks

  • Route: Seattle > Vancouver > Canadian Rockies

Rainforest to Gold Rush

  • Route: Vancouver > Whistler > Quesnel > Jasper

Journey through the Clouds

  • Route: Vancouver > Kamloops > Jasper

First Passage to the West

  • Route: Vancouver > Kamloops > Lake Louise > Banff

Oh, and you can get Circle Journeys so that you start and finish in the same city! After all, a round trip is a lot more convenient than wrapping your vacation thousands of kilometres away from home.

Check it out, folks! Here’s to hoping that we’ll be able to venture outwards sooner rather than later – assuming that it’s safe to do so.

Rocky Mountaineer – Train Through the Rockies

When: Booking for July 2021
Where: See locations above
Cost: Prices vary