Things are strange right now, but we will roam again – eventually. Though we’re not able to travel – there’s no harm in planning ahead. After all, we could all use something to look forward to, right? In fact, here’s an idea, why not make a glass top train excursion your something!

You see, Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer First Passage to the West Tours are meant to help passengers enjoy the journey as much as they enjoy their destination! Honestly, when did the transportation stop being apart of the experience?

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This spring (or next spring – because we’re not psychic) travel through Alberta’s backyard aboard a luxury glass-top train and enjoy the immaculate 180-degree view. From your seat, no matter where you are in the vehicle, see every tree, rock animal and sunset perfectly.

Choose between departures from Banff, Vancouver or Kamloops, get world-class service and somewhere to rest your head upon arrival any time of the year after April 2021 – all for the same price someone might pay for a first-class plane ticket during peak season.

Consider us sold! If you’re like us and are interested in looking into one of these packages, it’s worth noting that Canadians that book before February 23rd, can actually save up to $1,400 per couple – which is huge.

Check it out, folks! Here’s to hoping that we’ll be able to venture outwards sooner rather than later – assuming that it’s safe to do so. Man, do we miss not being afraid to leave our house.

Rocky Mountaineer First Passage to the West Tours

When: Booking for April 2021
Where: See locations above
Cost: Prices vary