Maybe one of the biggest tricks of the culinary world comes from a condiment, and it’s exceedingly hard to get. Of course, we’re talking about wasabi, the classic pairing for sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese dishes. But all wasabi is not what it seems- in fact, chances are high you’ve never even tasted it.

As a little reminder- the vast majority of wasabi you’ll get from your local sushi joint is actually horseradish dyed green. While this usually does the trick (and is a heckuva lot cheaper to make), the flavour is only a shadow of what the real thing has to offer.

Which is why we were surprised to find out that Vancouver is home to the only wasabi farm in all of North America. Pacific Coast Wasabi has managed to cultivate the precious plant, using time-honoured traditions and state-of-the-art technology.

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Rather than find nearby mountain streams to grow the plants, Pacific Coast has managed to recreate the conditions in a greenhouse setting. The good news? They’re claiming the exact same quality as the Japanese stuff, ‘sawa’ wasabi that grows in semi-aquatic conditions, as opposed to in a field.

As mentioned above, this devotion comes at a pretty penny. Pacific Coast Wasabi sells fresh wasabi online by weight, starting at 250 grams. For that amount, you’re looking at $100 CAD, which is probably more than you’d spend on all the other ingredients for your at-home sushi night combined. Well, unless you’re flying in half a tuna from Japan.

Pacific Coast Wasabi also offers wasabi capsules and wasabi powder on its online store, which is used more for medicinal purposes than cuisine.

But, we think it would be a show-stopping ingredient at your next dinner party, which is why we’re sharing this unique Vancouver business with you! After all, it’s not only Jiro who dreams of sushi.