Are you ready to show your spooky spirit this October? You’ll be happy to know that Vancouver is getting two, completely different, Halloween parades next month. Whether you want to strut your stuff downtown or join in on a more community-focused experience, you’ve got options. So, let’s check them out.

First up, the Vancouver Halloween Parade & Expo has announced its return. This is actually a three-day-long event, with indoor exhibitions and outdoor performances planned over an entire weekend. Things kick off on Friday, September 8th, with the parade planned for that Sunday. Since the route is around the Vancouver Art Gallery, this is a great way to show off your costume in a very public setting.

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Later in October (and right before Halloween), the Parade of Lost Souls is also coming back to the city. Taking place on Saturday, October 30th, the Parade of Lost Souls will feature 3 separate ‘processions’, and will include flash mobs using the ‘Time Warp’ and ‘Thriller’ dances. Although the route has yet to be released, things will kick off at the Britannia Community Centre, with an adults-only afterparty scheduled at the Wise Hall. So, while kids are welcome earlier in the evening, this is more for the devoted adult revellers.

Either way, both of these Halloween parades in Vancouver should be worth keeping an eye out for! Heck, maybe this is the year you go all out on a contest and join in on one!