Firework enthusiasts likely need no reminder that the Honda Celebration of Light just concluded this past weekend with its third and final firework show, courtesy of Team Phillippines. Before that, Team Mexico’s display lit up Vancouver skies on July 26th, and Team Australia kicked things off on July 22nd. So, the burning question left at the end of the series is–of course–who is the winner of this year’s Celebration of Light?

While all three teams certainly rose to the occasion, the official winner of this year’s show was Team Philippines, according to both the People’s Choice and Judge’s Competition Awards.

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The team’s tightly choreographed performance and stunning use of colour wowed both judges and spectators alike, from all corners of Vancouver where people gathered to witness the show. Despite the stiff competition from Team Australia (Howard & Sons) and Team Mexico (Grupo AVACON), it’s clear that Team Philippines brought its A-game!

For reference, the Honda Celebration of Light is both BC’s largest live event and the longest-running offshore fireworks festival in the world. Since 1990, the event has hosted dozens of countries for the international exhibition and competition – and with such an amazing show this year, we can hardly wait for the next.

So there you have it, Vancouver. No matter who you were rooting for this year, the 2023 Celebration of Light was definitely for the books.