We’ll be honest- Vancouver is, without a doubt, the easiest place to see some of the wackiest traffic violations around. That means people really have to mess up to get noticed, and boy howdy, does purposely parking inside a Canada Line station to hit the ATM fit the bill. Here’s a little more information, if you’re curious.

Earlier today, the official Transit Police Enforcement Twitter account shared an image that screams ‘silly Vancouver driver’. The owner of a white Audi SUV managed to somehow find themselves in the pedestrian-only section of the main concourse. Impressively, parking that way means they had to ignore multiple signs, a bus-only lane, and of course, the nagging sensation that no other cars there means it’s probably not a parking lot.

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It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to see in a Cheech and Chong movie, followed by a humorous exchange with local law enforcement. Well, we don’t know many laughs the driver had with transit police today. But, we do know that their boo-boo led to ‘hundreds of dollars’ in fines and 4 points off their license.

So, where does this stack up against Vancouver’s other silly drivers? We’re going to place it in our personal top 5 for this year, but honestly, we know that we’re going to see something equally insane within a month. It’s just how things go here!