A few weeks back, we talked about the new contest for ‘Canada’s Best Summer Job’ that was being held by the company Hipcamp. Well, today the winners were announced, mostly thanks to a hilarious application video they created. Let’s check it out!

The winning duo is Andrew Santos and Brodie Younger, who are content creators based out of Vancouver. They’ll be getting $20,000 CAD, plus food/travel expenses, to take a 40-day journey across Canada. During that time, they’ll stop in 20 different spots, all of which are available on Hipcamp to book. These range from campsites to off-grid cabins, and even a couple of glamping experiences.

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So, how’d they get the job? Well, one big reason is their application video. Basically, they use the ‘hip’ part of Hipcamp to come up with all sorts of hilarious misunderstandings, ranging from hippy camp to hip-hop camp. Hippy camp? Wait a second, we thought Shambhala was postponed this year!

While they’re on their journey, they’ll create a variety of vlogs and other content to show off all the amazing spots listed on Hipcamp. For more information on this recently launched service in Canada, you can just head over to their website.

Have fun out there, Andrew and Brodie! We want to see some absolutely zany stuff from your travels.