As you may know, Washington has a rich railroad history. It was actually home to the last privately owned logging railroad in operation in the Continental US, according to Vance Creek Railriders. The railroad was called the Simpson Logging Company and it operated 80 miles of track networks for 120 years. Today, you can get a little closer to that history by taking yourself on a track adventure with Vance Creek Railriders.

If you’re ready for an adventure, you can experience pedaling the historic tracks with their own 4-wheel vehicle. These vehicles have wheels like trains but are not linked like rail cars.

The portion of track that riders get to pedal on was once the route to town and the old mills. You’ll get to see diverse trees, and foliage as well as recently logged forest parcels, ponds, and even low bridges over Goldsborough Creek. If you’re lucky, you may see some wildlife too.

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The Camp 1 to Shelton Round Trip is 13 miles meaning the adventure takes about two hours depending on the group size. Each ride is accompanied by guides who will help you turn around as you reach the roundtrip midway point. Keep in mind that each vehicle has 4 seats so if you book one or two seats, be prepared to make some new friends.

All in all, a trip with Vance Creek Railriders is a great way to soak up the last days of summer and explore the Olympic Peninsula in an entirely new way. Keep in mind this experience is seasonal, running from May 20th to October 1st each year. With that, plan ahead, book your tickets, and enjoy a day on the rails.

Vance Creek Railriders

Where: 421 W Hanks Lake Rd, Shelton, Washington
Hours: Rides available at 9 AM, 12 PM & 3 PM, Thursday-Monday
Cost:  $34/Guest age 12 yrs, $22/Guest age 0-11