As the year comes to a close, nearly every streaming service and platform seems to be dishing out the details of the year. Pornhub is no different and is once again exposing our dirty secrets by releasing the most popular searches from users across the country this year.

As part of its Year in Review for 2022, Pornhub has created a breakdown of the top 20 countries by traffic from the past 12 months, which it does every year through its “Insights team” and statisticians. Who would’ve thought?

“Every year, the Insights team and Pornhub’s statisticians sift through data from billions of visits to see what content defined the year,” states the popular global website. “Those that follow this blog know that Pornhub’s top searches are often influenced by pop culture and other worldwide events. Many of these terms define 2022 not just on Pornhub but in mainstream media as well.”

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Overall, the US landed in first place on the Pornhub top 20, and Americans spent an average of 9 minutes 41 seconds on the website, a decrease of -3 seconds in 2022. Interestingly enough, Washington state got its own shout-out because users average time decreased by –79 seconds.

Looking more into the American searches… well, we will let the chart speak for itself here.

We can say there have been a few categories that were part of most searched terms that have definitely increased. Pornhub’s infographic also breaks down the US’s top trending searches, categories, and pornstars of 2022.

Photo via Pornhub

The report also looks at traffic during holidays or game days, such as the World Cup. This year during the World Cup, traffic in the United States was flat (-0.2%) during their match with the United Kingdom, where traffic decreased by –13%. That alone tells you which country is a bigger fan of soccer.

On Christmas Eve, there are generally 24% fewer US users than average, and 22% fewer on New Year’s Eve.

And there you have it! Some dinner time statistics for conversation.