LinkedIn just released its list of the 25 US jobs on the rise in 2022. These roles are growing in demand and there are positions listed for people in all different stages of their career. So if you’re looking for a switch up this year or are simply curious keep on reading.

According to LinkedIn, they determined these rankings by looking at “job titles experiencing the highest growth rates from January 2017 through July 2021.” These jobs also needed “to see consistent growth across our membership base, as well as have grown to a meaningful size by 2021” in order to be considered. So let’s get into some rankings.

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The 25 US roles that are growing in demand

1. Vaccine Specialist
2. Diversity and Inclusion Manager
3. Customer Marketing Manager
4. Machine Learning Engineer
5. Process Development Scientist
6. Business Development Representative
7. Search Marketing Manager
8. User Experience Researcher
9. Business System Administrator
10. Analyst Relations Specialist
11. Technical Product Manager
12. Talent Acquisition Specialist
13. Head of Financial Planning
14. Surgical Intensive Care Nurse
15. Back End Developer
16. Mergers and Acquisitions Manager
17. Postpartum Nurse
18. Enterprise Account Director
19. Customer Solutions Engineer
20. Land Development Manager
21. Site Reliability Manager
22. Molecular Biologist
23. Head of Sales Operations
24. Strategic Sales Specialist
25. Chief Human Resources Officer

These jobs in many ways are a look into the future. With the medical, financial and tech sectors represented among others, it seems like the US is continuing to work towards the innovation it is known for.

The full list gives extra details like salary, needed skills, open positions and more. With that, happy job hunting!