Like being a good person or not taking the first bite of someone else’s entrée at a restaurant, Calgary has a list of unwritten rules that most will follow naturally after living here for an extended period of time.

While they’re not etched in stone or even drawn in the sand, every true Cowtown resident has probably picked up the same series of habits or interests that make meeting and relating to people a little bit easier.

Luckily, if you’re new here or have just been oblivious to these subtleties, the internet has come through, yet again!

This week, Reddit user throaway-ykdv posed an all-important question to those on the platform – and some answers surprised even us! What exactly are Calgary’s unwritten rules?

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Here are the top-rated comments on the post: 

Interesting, no? How many of these unwritten rules were you following, Calgary? What do you think is an ‘unwritten rule? Check out the original thread and sound off in the comments – we want to know what you think!