In a debate for the ages, thousands of Albertan Twitter users have taken to the platform to duke things out once and for all. The issue in question: Is it Cal-gary or Cal-gree?

Unsurprisingly, the smoking hot topic shot what the majority believe is the correct way of saying the city’s name to the trending page, in the process teaching the world a valuable lesson – one we’re sure you’ll be able to spot.

Here are just some of the tweets where it’s clear that, despite our laidback front, Prairie dogs will never agree to disa-GREE on how you say Calgary.

Of course, this did all go down on the internet – so there were still people who refuse to say it correctly for one reason or another.

But – the mass majority have spoken. So there you have it, folks. It’s Cal-gree. 

Have you been saying it properly, and what do you prefer? Heck, since we’re on the topic – how are people saying Edmonton? Let’s continue the discussion over on our socials.