Cozy or stylish – Why not both?

Canadian winters can only mean one thing: chilly, snowy, windy, blistering, cold. It can make looking stylish particularly difficult. 

Did you pick the perfect outfit, only to have it hidden underneath your giant puffer coat? Bummer. But there IS another way.

UNIQLO’s signature line of HEATTECH thermal layers means you no longer have to compromise on fashion to stay warm. 

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Choose from a variety of stylish thermal fits and wear them as base layers, on their own, or take your loungewear to a cozier level!

But wait, let’s rewind…


HEATTECH is the name of UNIQLO’s line of thermal fashion. 

HEATTECH styles are made with specialized fabric that retains heat and generates warmth by transforming perspiration into thermal energy. Science!

They’ve also got 3 different levels of heat retention, HEATTECH, HEATTECH Extra Warm (about 1.5 times* warmer than regular HEATTECH)., and HEATTECH Ultra Warm (about 2.25 times* warmer than regular HEATTECH), so you can choose the right one for every situation.


How Can You Wear It?

The beauty is in the versatility. 

Like most of UNIQLO’s signature styles, HEATTECH layers are designed to be minimal and classic.

Wear a HEATTECH Extra Warm crewneck instead of your usual plain white tee. Or layer a HEATTECH turtleneck under a cozy knit sweater. Cute!

You’ll be so toasty, that you might even get away with turning your thermostat down a few degrees! 

Check out HEATTECH thermal layers in-store or online at UNIQLO.