When it comes to same-day delivery services whether it be for food, personal items, or simply an impulse buy, Canadians have the opportunity to get what they need ASAP, with a click of a button. Uber Canada is one of the biggest leaders in third-party delivery services so much so that Canadians rely on them for almost everything. In this case, sexual wellness products delivered straight to their doors.

In honour of World Sexual Health Day, the ride-share/delivery app has revealed the most popular and unique sexual health and wellness products purchased in cities across Canada on Uber Eats.

“Over the past year, as more and more pharmacy and convenience store merchants have joined Uber Eats, Canadians have increasingly relied on the app to get more than just food in a pinch,” said Uber Canada in a press release.

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“Sexual wellness products—including everything from condoms to emergency contraceptives, lubricants, sex toys and more—are finding their way into people’s online shopping carts.”

The results may surprise you! According to the company, when it comes to products, pregnancy tests and condoms are at the top of the list of most popular sexual health products ordered on Uber Eats. In third place comes emergency contraceptives, in fourth comes lubricants and last but not least, in fifth comes sex toys.

As for cities, Edmonton takes first place as the biggest consumers of sexual health products and contraceptives. You read that right. Trailing behind in second place is Ottawa, Calgary in third, and Toronto in fourth.

Just look at who else made the list:

  1. Edmonton
  2. Ottawa
  3. Calgary
  4. Toronto
  5. Vancouver
  6. Quebec City
  7. London
  8. Windsor
  9. Montreal
  10. Kitchener-Waterloo

“Uber Eats has quickly become a convenient, accessible resource for anyone who needs contraceptives and other sexual wellness products fast or wants a more discrete buying experience than in-store shopping provides,” said Uber Canada.

In an effort to show support for World Sexual Health Day, Uber Eats is offering Canadians up to 20% off various sexual wellness products from September 1 to 7.