Those of us who aren’t ready to say goodbye to summer weather will definitely enjoy what September has in store. The Weather Network (TWN) has released its September forecast in Canada and most provinces are in for a sizzling month ahead.

“The overall pattern of warmer than normal temperatures across most of Canada will continue to dominate through the month of September,” says TWN.

Temperature patterns indicate that nearly the whole country will experience above-normal and near-normal weather throughout the month. Below-normal temperatures do not appear anywhere on the forecast map.

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 “This means that there will be more opportunities to savour warm summer weather (especially during the first half of the month) before colder weather begins to dominate.”

There will be brief periods of sweater weather throughout the month, especially at night and in the early mornings. However, “the periods of warmer than normal weather will outweigh the cooler weather for most of the country.”

However, some parts of the country — northern Canada, northern Manitoba, northern Ontario, and northwestern Quebec — will experience more extreme temperature swings, resulting in “near normal” temperatures throughout the month.

 You may want to enjoy the heat while it lasts. The Old Farmer’s Almanac says that many Canadians are in for “surprise shots of extra-deep cold” this winter, with snow beginning as early as November across Atlantic Canada and southern Quebec.

As for the Prairies, the Almanac predicts temperatures to be around 7 C colder than average come January 2023.

Can’t say we’re looking forward to that! We’ll be soaking up the rays while we still can.