A new university ranking was just released and, yet again, the University of Toronto came out on top. This time, the list was created by Maclean’s and it put together it’s findings based on reputation. The magazine surveyed a number of groups, like university faculty, senior administrators, and various business people to rank the best school across the country.

The rankings were split into four categories: Best Overall, Highest Quality, Most Innovative, and Leaders of Tomorrow. In first place, the University of Toronto took all four titles. But other high-ranking schools include the University of British Columbia, McGill University, and the University of Waterloo. Woohoo for these A + schools!

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Further down, but still in the top ten, you’ll see places like McMaster, University of Alberta, Queen’s, and Western. You’ll also spot the University of Calgary, Montréal University, Dalhousie, and Simon Fraser. The results are based on the reputations of the school’s undergraduate, and comprehensive and medical doctoral programs.

This is the sixth straight year that the University of Toronto has dominate Maclean’s university ranking. But every school on the list should be proud to have received recognition. We’ve definitely got some crazy smart students all across Canada!