We have another local ranking to help you start your weekend on a high note. Because it turns out that two Washington cities have been ranked among the ‘most relaxed’ cities in the nation. And if you ask us, this feels right. Washington is indeed a pretty chill state.

The new ranking comes from a recent study by LawnStarter. And the two most chill cities in our state and the nation are Seattle and Bellevue. Now when it comes to the national ranking, Bellevue comes in fourth and Seattle comes in fifth. It’s a bit surprising that Bellevue beat us, but we’ll assume all the old tech money gives people in Bellevue some extra time to relax. We’re kidding and when it comes to the data, it boils down to 57 key indicators.

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Photo via LawnStarter

We have to say we’re pretty proud about this one because 190 different cities were ranked. And that means we’re not just doing well, we’re kind of excelling. But we still have some catching up to do as we were beaten by Sunnyvale, CA, Arlington, VA, and San Francisco, CA.

Now if you’re wondering, the most stressed cities according to the study were Detroit, MI, Memphis, TN, and Kansas City, KS. So if you’re planning to move states soon maybe don’t pick those spots. With that, have a great weekend and if you’d like to see more of the study you can click here.