Toronto is known for many things; restaurants, landmarks, and its notorious night dwellers – raccoons. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of Toronto’s unofficial mascot, now you can. You can now play as a raccoon in this Toronto-based video game, wreaking havoc and roaming the streets at night.

Trash Panda is now available for PC gaming as of November 15th.

The video game is the brainchild of Scarborough resident and filmmaker Jason Leaver.

When film productions were put on hold at the beginning of the pandemic, he put his skills to work creating a video game instead. After a few years of working on the project, the official Trash Panda Game is out and can now be played via Steam.

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The concept is simple; it’s a low-fi raccoon simulator, where you play as a raccoon roaming neighbourhoods of Toronto and making a mess. You get to kick over some trash bins, find power-ups, challenge it up with other raccoons, and get lost in the streets.

According to its Steam page, you can actually explore every street on the map as it is based on real-world street data.

“It’s garbage night, and there’s no human in sight! Explore neighbourhoods of Toronto as the unofficial mascot of the city: the Trash Panda,” shares the description.

“As a mischievous raccoon, make the biggest mess you can knocking over the trash bins lining the streets. The bigger the mess, the higher you score. Some of the trash is yummy-yummy treats giving you additional points. Find power-ups too!”

Sounds like fun!

It currently has a positive review score on Steam considering it’s only been out for a few days.

Will you try out the new Trash Panda game? Let us know! We know we will.