It was a long time coming, but the day is finally here. Earlier today, TransLink announced that it has begun the rollout of free WiFi for all its customers across Metro Vancouver. And while it’s just the start, we think it’s well worth sharing with our readers!

According to a press release, the new free WiFi will be available on six different RapidBuses and three SkyTrains as they make their way around Metro Vancouver. Meanwhile, both the Edmonds Station in Burnaby and Langley’s Carvolth Exchange will have permanent WiFi available.

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The new initiative, done in partnership with Shaw Communications, is part of a sprawling plan to have free WiFi available to all customers, all the time. It builds on the free WiFi already available on SeaBuses, but will take years to fully install. Current estimates? Sometime in 2026. Yeah, we’re going to be waiting a while before we can be constantly streaming Netflix as we make our way around the city.

But hey, think of the free WiFi on TransLink as a fun potential bonus the next time you step on the bus! That’s how we’re approaching it, anyway.