From Hogwarts to the Polar Express, train excursions are traditionally wholesome, but at Aspen Crossing? You will scream!

While they do offer family-friendly experiences year-round, those who climb aboard the Train of Terror in Mossleigh, Alberta are in for a frightening adventure and one hell of a night.

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Described as ‘Canada’s only moving haunt,’ this unique Alberta event begins immediately after you check in at the train station.

First, you’ll journey through their maze of horror, then hop on their locomotive where you’ll be able to enjoy some liquid courage and the ‘active haunt.’

During this time you’ll be introduced to Professor Grim, whose obsession with immortality and unusual items has driven him to madness.

“Our Professor sought the remains of a powerful medieval witch for many years. These bones had been placed in several wide-spread locations and guarded by powerful beings. All this was to prevent these bones from ever being reassembled,” they explain.

“Believing that once the collection was complete, he would finally control immortality, the terrifying results instead unlocked a portal into … Well, you will just have to see for yourself.”


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This event will take about 2 hours from beginning to end including 2 maze haunts and a 1.5 train ride where you’re in for a ride unlike any others – and we mean that.

Due to its uniqueness, we’d recommend actually reading the waiver they make you sign before getting started. Without spoiling anything, this particular haunted house includes some contact and when they say tight space, they really mean it, but it’s worth it for the adrenaline rush.

Grab a buddy, breathe in deep and enter … if you dare. This may actually be one of the scariest events in the city.

Tickets are on sale now and start at $89.99, but don’t hesitate if you’re interested. They go quickly and you won’t want to miss it!

Train of Terror, Aspen Crossing

When: Various dates between Friday, October 6th and November 4th, 2023
When: Box 30 Mossleigh, AB
Time: See times here
Cost: $89.99