We’re not really trying to summit Kilimanjaro, but we like to stay in shape. Ya feel? Well, if we did want to climb some mountains, Altitude Athletic would be the place to prepare. At least, the best place in Toronto to prepare. Queen Street doesn’t really simulate a mountain range well.

What we’re talking about here is Toronto’s first publicly-accessible altitude training facility. In case you’re new to the game, training at altitude gives faster gains in red blood cell concentrations, endurance, and respiration.

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It’s a nifty bonus if you’re just trying to beat the person next to you at Soul Cycle, and it’s hugely beneficial if you’re a performance athlete. Oh, it’s also pretty essential if you’re looking into mountaineering. Not that many of us are, but if you’re reading this thinking “oh, perfect way to train for my mountaineering,” we’re happy for you.

You don’t have to jump right on up to 20,000 feet. In fact, we definitely don’t recommend it- that’s 3/4 the height of literal Everest. Start low, and build your way up to whatever fitness peak (pun intended) you’re going for.

See you there! We’ll be lightly panting on a treadmill.


Where: 56 Colbourne St
Cost: $199 per month for unlimited training