It’s an open secret that of all the virtual experiences available, simulator racing has gotten the closest to the ‘real thing’. So, when we caught wind of TracksVR in Calgary, we knew that we had to show them some love! Let’s check it out.

But first, a little recap. Long gone are the days of plugging in quarters at the arcade. Now, you can experience all the thrills of flying around at breakneck speeds on a famous track, giving you a seriously good look into what actual racing is like. In fact, even F1 teams use simulators to train and test.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be as serious as that, which is why we love the idea of TracksVR. Having opened in 2018, the business is actually Canada’s largest virtual racing centre, offering experiences for everyone from beginners to, well, actual racing drivers.

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It might sound complicated, but it’s about as straightforward as can be! Once you arrive at TracksVR, you’ll be set up in one of 12 racing simulators. After that, you can choose the kind of car you want to race, where you want to go, and whether or not you want to race against other people. Although, it’d be hard to show up with a group and not want to play bumper cars in Go-Karts or something.

We weren’t joking about the realism, either. Not only does this spot offer force feedback wheels and VR headsets, but they’ve gone one step further with motion racing seats that react to the forces or bumps you’ll experience out on the track. Like we said, this is about as close to the real thing as it gets. Unless you wanna take a trip to BMW or something.

Price-wise, it’s right in line with most other unique experiences around Calgary. Intro packs and hour long experiences (our top pick) are $69.95, but you can check it out for under $35 if a half-hour is more your speed. Plus, you can get discounts on group visits, so definitely keep that in mind. Hmm… maybe a little bit of F1 merch with the savings? They happen to be the largest retailer for that in Western Canada, too.

Our advice? The next time you and your pals are looking for a fun afternoon out, make sure to give this spot a try. You won’t regret it… heck, you might just find a new hobby!


When: Open Wednesday to Sunday, Closed Monday and Tuesday
Where: 625 Manitou Road SE
Cost: $34.95+