Do you wonder what the home of one of the best hockey players to ever live looks like? Architectural Digest has your back, thanks to a new video tour featuring the Edmonton home of Connor McDavid. Turns out, the NHL superstar, alongside his girlfriend Lauren Kyle, has got a home that pretty much anyone would be envious of.

Located on the edge of Edmonton’s River Valley and overlooking the city’s skyline, McDavid’s Edmonton home is nothing if not modern. With the help of his girlfriend (who among other talents has a knack for interior design), McDavid transformed the space into something about as far away from ‘grandparent’s house’ as possible.

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Featuring everything from a home theatre to a built-in sports court and a massive home gym, the house is clearly meant for an athlete. However, some homier touches are kicking around as well, ranging from a huge kitchen/dining room to a custom-made bed with a built-in TV (which we can’t help but be envious of).

Since we’re ever the weirdos though, there were a few funny things that stood out to us in the tour. Like how their Virgil Abloh IKEA rug moved around the kitchen depending on the shot, or that McDavid has a much more unique taste in candy than we expected (Twizzlers and Riesen caramel, really?).

Either way, we’re offering our services as design consultants. You’re like 95% of the way there, but we’ve got a couple of ideas in mind that would really raise the bar for professional athletes. Two freebies? Get yourself a Togo sofa and some fun sculptures for the patio. Maybe something by Tony Smith? That seems to match the vibe.