If you have a cool $100,000 spare, you could become one of the lucky members of an elite new health club in the city called Longevity House. And if all the services and amenities serve their intended purpose, the price tag is worth it.

Longevity House is described as a “first of its kind” private club dedicated to extending your healthspan and helping you live longer. How, you ask? Through access to some of the best biohacking techniques and plant medicines out there.

The new 9,000 sq ft facility only accepts 30 members, who will get to try all kinds of services that align your mind, body and spirit. The club will offer workshops in epigenetics, breathwork, functional medicine and more, led by top practitioners.

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“We are creating a space for people to strive for health creation rather than disease prevention,” said founder Michael Nguyen in a press release. “How you live every single day matters, and we provide members with a destination to access the most innovative and proven tools in one place to ensure a longer and better healthspan.”

Longevity House’s other “interventions” for a longer healthspan include “weight training in an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) suit, red light therapy while balancing on a vibration plate, and ai-driven cardio alongside oxygen variability training.” Sounds fancy enough for six figures, that’s for sure.

On the service menu, you’ll find services like an AI-powered smart exercise bike, infrared light treatments to counteract the negative affects of blue light on your skin, the hybrid subtle energy revitalization “biocharger,” and others that make us feel just as fascinated and poor.

The facility is located in West Toronto and overlooks a ravine, so you’ll be getting your vibrational plate treatment and biohacking masterclass with a view. If you aren’t among the chosen handful of Longevity House members, you can look forward to another location opening in midtown next spring.