These past few days may have convinced you that winter is just around the corner, but Toronto’s weather forecast this week will have you thinking otherwise.

According to The Weather Network, ” it will be looking and feeling like anything but winter” come this weekend.

“We’re looking at spectacular fall weather for southern Ontario this weekend, with abundant sunshine and well above seasonal temperatures,” said Dr. Doug Gillham, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

The streak continues into the week, with sunshine and a high of 18° on Monday, feeling like 20°C.

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Image via The Weather Network

A high of 20°C is expected on Tuesday, followed by a slight cooldown to the upper mid-teens for the remainder of the week and into early November.

Right now, a high of 15°C is expected on Halloween, ideal conditions for the first normal Halloween we’ve had in years.

There are conflicting reports on what the winter season has in store for Ontario in terms of weather.

According to AccuWeather’s predictions, the majority of eastern Canada may experience mild temperatures as the typically cold season rolls around.

AccuWeather also predicts less snow on average for cities like Toronto and Ottawa.


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 However, The Weather Network says that a completely different scenario is also possible.

Ontario and Quebec, in particular, are in for a “quicker start to winter than we have become accustomed to seeing in recent years,” says TWN.

Plus, this season may end up bringing below-normal temperatures to eastern Canada, including Ontario. According to TWN, this looks to be a likely scenario, based on the global patterns unfolding right now.

Most importantly, though, is the fabulous summer-like weather we’re about to experience in Toronto. Enjoy it while it lasts!