The weather this winter sure has been wacky! After experiencing a warm winter so far in Toronto, spring will be following the same trend. If you’ve been loving the weather lately then get excited. Here’s a weather look ahead for March in Toronto.

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Ending February

While March is just around the corner there’s still some time left in February to break a record for warmth!

“Right now we are tied for the warmest February to date for Toronto,” said Environment Canada Weather Preparedness Meteorologist Geoff Coulson in an interview with Curiocity.

“We are finishing the month with some very warm days and are going to likely break the record for warmest February in the city.”

environment canada
Image via Environment Canada

“We will finish the month off really mild. We could come close to individual records on Tuesday and Wednesday as well,” Coulson added.

According to Environment Canada, Toronto will reach double-digit highs on both days with a high of 13°C on Tuesday and 14°C on Wednesday.


As Toronto moves into March, expect the warm weather to continue.

“To start off March on Friday we are seeing a high of 6°C, with the average usually hitting 2°C to start the month. Saturday will reach around 11°C so March is showing a high probability of being much warmer than usual,” Coulson told Curiocity.

“By mid-March, the average is 4°C and by the end, the average is 8°C, but we will be reaching those temperatures already on the first few days of the month to give an idea of just how warm it may get by the end of the month,” Coulson continued.

“We can expect a very warm March.”

Thunderstorms ahead

Coulson also warned that another unusual weather event for February is happening on Tuesday.

“There is a chance that Toronto could see thunderstorms on Tuesday or at least a combo of rain and thunderstorms,” said Coulson.

“Thunderstorms aren’t something we typically see in February.”

According to Coulson, Southwestern Ontario, specifically the Windsor area, will see the heaviest thunderstorms but that Torontonians should also get out their umbrellas.

Time to put away those winter coats and get ready for some warm weather in March, Toronto!