While it may have felt like spring all weekend, summer is officially starting on Tuesday, and the weather in Toronto this week is reflecting that.

According to The Weather Network’s forecast, expect heat and humidity as June 21st rolls in. In Toronto, we will welcome our favourite season with a high of 32°C and mainly sunny skies. But, with the humidex, the city will feel more like 40°C on Tuesday. Oh yes, summer is back.

“An unusually strong, sprawling ridge of high pressure south of the border will be responsible for trapping some of the hottest temperatures and humidex values so far this year, and on record for some,” states The Weather Network.

“Temperatures reaching the low and mid-30s and humidex values into the 40s will dominate as the week progresses, with no relief in sight for the foreseeable future.”

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The extreme heat is making its way to the province, mostly in the northwestern region of Ontario, on Monday, although it won’t hit the city yet as in Toronto our daytime high will be 22°C. The Weather Network says the heat will continue into the middle of the week, which is when it will reach the GTA.

Image via The Weather Network

On Wednesday, Toronto’s high will be 28°C but feeling more like 38°C, and there is a risk of a thunderstorm. The heat will continue through to the weekend, with the humidex feeling like 30°C on both days.

Some cooler weather is expected by Monday, June 27.

For now, bring out that sunscreen and pack the water, you’ll need it this week, Toronto!

Happy Summer!