Toronto’s Villiers Island is shaping up, and the new Port Lands location is set to have a gorgeous $25 million waterfront public art trail.

According to the City of Toronto, The Pierre Lassonde Family Foundation announced a $25 million donation to the City to create the new waterfront public art trail. This donation marks the single largest arts-related gift the City has ever received. The City stated that the donation includes $10 million to commission two landmark permanent art works, and up to $15 million to establish a new non-profit organization that will manage the art trail.

Waterfront Toronto said that The Lassonde Art Trail will be a free, open-air route, with two permanent art pieces anchoring the trail, and “a rotating cycle of contemporary installations from local, national and international artists will also be featured.”

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Image via Norm Li AG+I

“A new waterfront public art trail will not only attract residents and visitors to Toronto’s waterfront, but provide an opportunity for people to experience art and much more for free,” said Mayor John Tory. “With the two new permanent art works as its centrepiece, the art trail, envisioned as part of the revitalization of the Port Lands, will serve as a free, accessible outdoor museum for visitors and residents alike – all of which play a big role in bringing art to public spaces in our city.”

A City staff report is heading to Toronto City Council at its meeting on July 19 and 20, and will seek authority to negotiate, and enter into agreements to accept the public artwork donations in the coming months. With their approval, Waterfront Toronto said that the new foundation will appoint an executive director, select a jury for the permanent artworks, and begin identifying potential art to exhibit.

While it’s still years in the making, we can’t wait to see this trail come to life!