We all know that Toronto is one of the world’s best cities. But now an official ranking has come along to back us up. In a report published by Resonance, cities around the world were examined and judged to find the best of 2021. To no surprise, Toronto nabbed a top spot.

So where exactly did Toronto land? We’re glad you asked. This great city of ours came in 13th place overall. That’s a four-place jump from our rank at 17th last year! The cities that outranked us include:

1. London, England
2. New York, USA
3. Paris, France
4. Moscow, Russia
5. Tokyo, Japan
6. Dubai, UAE
7. Singapore, Malaysia
8. Barcelona, Spain
9. Los Angeles, USA
10. Madrid, Spain
11. Rome, Italy
12. Chicago, USA

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Of course, we weren’t the only Canadian cities to make the list. Other top contenders include Vancouver in 34th place, Montreal in 41st, Calgary in 47th, Ottawa in 67th, and Edmonton in 76th. Not too shabby, Canada!

The rankings are based on factors like economic growth, immigration, and global investment.

So there you have it! Although we’re never surprised when Toronto pulls through, it’s still nice to hear it  .