Thought you saw the last of snow? Think again, Toronto. There are only a few days left in February and although we’ve been having some nice weather recently, over 10 CM of snow is expected to hit Toronto.

Though we did wake up to a mix of winter weather, freezing rain, and a touch of snow across the region, more is expected to come before February ends.

Through the next seven days, according to The Weather Network, temperatures are expected to drop into the negatives by Friday of next week.

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Photo via The Weather Network

And even though we’re in for a cloudy week, scattered flurries are expected during the middle of the week, Tuesday and Wednesday, before trailing off on Thursday with some light snow.

According to TWN, by the looks of it, we could get up to 14 CM of snow in Toronto before the month ends. Great!

It’s fair to say we’ve seen some above-seasonal temperatures but as the saying goes, sometimes things are too good to be true.

Will this be the last bit of snow? Probably not. March tends to be a sluggish month, per TWN, and it’s a time when we experience “more traditionally turbulent weather.”