Just as the majority of Toronto has dug itself out of the last snowstorm, it looks like more snow is on the way.

According to The Weather Network’s weekly forecast, Toronto is expecting more snow by Wednesday and it will continue into Thursday.

To kick off February, mixed precipitation is in the forecast for Tuesday, with a high of 3°C. Snow moves in on Wednesday, with the high reaching -1°C, and 5-10 cm of snow expected.

And as for Thursday, it looks like more snow, all day, with a high of -5°C and up to 10 cm predicted.

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Image via The Weather Network

Environment Canada’s long term forecast is calling for cloudy skies with 60% chance of flurries for both Tuesday and Wednesday as well.

By Friday, sunny skies will return for the first weekend of the shortest month of the year.

According to Environment Canada’s Warning Preparedness Meteorologist

In a phone interview with Curiocity at the time, Kimbell said that the blizzard on the 17th “would rank very highly in terms of the biggest storms Toronto has seen,” but the city saw just as much snowfall three years ago.

Toronto’s Pearson Airport recorded a total of 33 cm earlier this month, which is the exact same amount recorded by the airport on January 28th and 29th, 2019.

As for the highest totals ever recorded, Pearson hit 45 cm in February of 1965 and 43 cm in January of 1966.

Sadly, it’s not time to put away those shovels yet, Toronto… They will come in handy again in a few days. Happy February!