Everyone loves a good pizza party, including the Toronto Raptors! Raptors head coach Darko Rajaković promised that if the Raps won three games in a row, he’d pay for a team dinner.

That promise was followed through on and we have all the details, including which Toronto pizza spot the team ordered from as their team dinner.

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“I promised our guys once we get three wins in a row I would take them to a nice dinner but since they are such humble guys they said we don’t need a fancy place we can go for pizza,” Rajaković said to the media.

Toronto notched their first three-game win streak on February 26th after taking down the Indiana Pacers – earning themselves a pizza party on Thursday afternoon.

Raptors’ Immanuel Quickly posted to Snapchat in a now-expired story showing the pizza came from a local Toronto pizza shop, Maker Pizza.

Maker Pizza confirmed to Curiocity that the pizza was ordered from its Cameron Street location in downtown Toronto and was delivered to the team.


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Maker also followed up with their own post on social media, offering the next pizza party on them instead of coach Rajaković writing, “If the Raps go on another 3-game winning streak their next pizza party is on us.”

So, if you want to throw a pizza party like the Toronto Raptors you know where to order from!