Ready to do some learning? You might be pleasantly surprised by the huge selection of free classes offered by the Toronto Public Library.

There are all kinds of in-person workshops and educational courses that you can take at library branches all over the city.

Whether you’re looking to gain some new job skills or brush up on your existing knowledge, you can sign up for classes ranging from Photoshop editing to sewing to robotics.

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Photo via Toronto Public Library

Below are some of the most popular in-person classes at Toronto Public Library:

There are plenty of artistic classes you can take too, such as relaxing colouring sessions and acrylic painting workshops.

Those who want to get better at adulting can also join a variety of personal finance classes, where you can learn the basics of TFSAs, mortgages, and investing in the stock market.

And of course, there is no shortage of programs for book-lovers. TPL offers a variety of author talks and lectures, as well as book clubs and writing workshops.

You can search for classes based on your interests or by your nearest branch. All of the details about when and where the class is offered are available online.

Photo via Toronto Public Library

No registration is required for many of these classes, all you have to do is show up.

But, you will need your library card to access the Digital Innovation Hubs, where facilities like the recording studios and fabrication studios are located.

You can also use your card to sign up for online courses on TPL’s eLearning platform.

Knowledge is power, friends. And at the library, it’s also free!